I’m Changing My Style

7. With little time and lesser room for thought. I definitely have less than half the time to spend on this site. It's been months since my last post... I have drafts of content left untouched and I can save that for later, but for now, this will be it. I will be spending less... Continue Reading →


Fat Chance

entry 6 ~ So, after a long absence, I am now back on the board with a topic more volatile than the c*nts at a feminist rally. Let's begin. Disclaimer : this post is not by any means directed to those who are in any way shape or form affected by medical conditions with regards to the... Continue Reading →

20 In A Pack

entry 5 ~ I had a rougher time contemplating what I'd wanted to write for my next article, but here it is. It's a current news that's been published not too long ago from today (15th March '17) and it's pretty smokin' hot news. The legal age for purchasing and being in possession of cigarettes is... Continue Reading →

What The F…ish

entry 4 ~ Ever wanted to know what the supporting arguments are, for someone trying to convince you that vulgarities are "bad"? Let's say you're just out and about, chatting with your friends and you did say a profane word or two... And an adult hears it. It'd look something like this: context: ** your best... Continue Reading →

Ha Ha… Ha?

entry 3 ~ Ladies and gents, drop your sensitivity level to zero and bump up your asshole-ness to...   'Cus today, we're going balls deep into brain tumor's more forgiving adopted sister, Black Humor. Otherwise known as "Dark Humor". info may not be accurate as research was done on a whim, do let me know if you... Continue Reading →

A Pair Of…

entry 2 ~ I'll be talking about something that's been highly disregarded in today's bo dai bo ji bo chap (don't give a shit) society. For all you youngsters that don't give a third the damn that I do, you can step off of this post cus today, I'll be touching on BGR (boy + girl relationships). My "inspiration"... Continue Reading →

Watch Out

entry 1 ~ So, we all know that there are certain things that we just can't stand leaving at home. We've all been there. Standing on the bus, or sitting on the train, or perhaps even reached your destination. And the next moment you facepalm upon realizing that you'd left your wallet at home. Or keys, doesn't matter, 'cus... Continue Reading →

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