Watch Out

entry 1 ~

So, we all know that there are certain things that we just can’t stand leaving at home. We’ve all been there. Standing on the bus, or sitting on the train, or perhaps even reached your destination. And the next moment you facepalm upon realizing that you’d left your wallet at home. Or keys, doesn’t matter, ‘cus the point is we’ve all been there.

And it sucks

But here is 1 thing that YOU should have on you when you leave your overly-taxed abode.


A Watch

~Functional. Fashionable (terms and conditions apply). Forgotten~

What does it do? This… Watch, thing-a-ma-jig. Simple, it tells time… If that’s not a good enough reason to have ’em slapped onto your wrist, then consider this. People will form a little notion that you are someone who takes time seriously (provided you actually do make the effort to never be late). While this may not be 100% true, having a watch does compliment if you’re a man/woman of punctuality and efficiency (and also, you won’t be too worried over what time it is if your phone gives up on you).

Wearing a watch also adds feature to your overall aesthetic. How, you may ask. Well, as cliche as “it’s the little things that count” may sound, it’s true. A leather watch paired with leather belt and shoes of same tone (color/shade) is like what breakdowns are to SMRT: A Combo Meal.

Sure you could have a McDonald’s meal without eating the fries, sure you could pass on the soup that comes with your Chicken Rice… But… Why? Like… Why… Why would you have something the way it isn’t? The MRT system is just not the same without it’s breakdowns and being a gentleman/lady is just “no link” without a smexy-ass timepiece. All jokes aside, having a watch has been a real life-saver for me and it will confirm plus chope save your life too. Eg:

  • knowing whether I have time to make a quick detour to grab a teh o bing
  • knowing how fast I have to run to class or the office
  • knowing how long more I have to wait when a bro says “I’m reaching soon” (aka “I’m still showering”)
  • (for performing magicians like myself) knowing how long I have to elongate an effect

Your watch doesn’t have to be the size of an elephant for it to be seen, trust me, people will notice. Unless of course, you’re one of those “I’ve got big *cough* bones *cough*” people and measure your level of fatness by your bicep circumference (how even ?!?!)… If that’s the case, being unnoticed is the last thing you have to be worried about.

And there is NO REASON for you to be wearing a Casio G-Shock to ANY formal event of ANY sort. THAT’S A STRICT HELL-TO-THE-NO. For the same reason you don’t wear a 3-piece suit or long dress to the wet market, your wrist-game deserves it’s due respect and so does the occasion. This is kinda a pet peeve of mine, seeing dudes in suits and ladies in dresses, with sports watches. Or, dudes and gals in really really casual clothes trying to rock a dress watch… eh brudder, mai anehkuan lah… sibei cui sia…

~You don’t need an expensive timepiece nor many timepieces for different occasions~

Being a student who worked part-time (I didn’t really get allowances to spend on other things), I could only spend so much. So, I invested $200, from my own pay, on a Seiko SKX007. My first watch. And till now, it remains one of my most loved timepieces, amongst the few that I own. A versatile and durable watch that can suit almost any occasion, all I need to do is just change the watch strap! The Seiko SKX007 is a diver watch, so for all you ladies out there, you might want to consider a slimmer alternative, perhaps a Timex Weekender.

~simplicity to suit style, intricacy for individual interest~

  • (relaxed / sport) Colored NATO Strap
  • (casual) Black or White NATO Strap
  • (smart-casual / smart) Black NATO Strap or Leather Strap
  • for formal occasions, i wear a dress watch

~a definite bang for the buck~

ALWAYS work within your budget and NEVER be in debts you can’t handle within a month. A watch is not worth the struggle of debt.

Despite the subtle pros and absence of cons, many still neglect this amazing contraption, and I think that should change. The watch is where Fashion meets Function, and this is where you meet the end of my post.

This is definitely not all I have to say on watches but it’s all I’ve planned to say. Hope this will help you in your future endeavors, and till next time! Tchuss!



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