A Pair Of…

entry 2 ~

I’ll be talking about something that’s been highly disregarded in today’s bo dai bo ji bo chap (don’t give a shit) society. For all you youngsters that don’t give a third the damn that I do, you can step off of this post cus today, I’ll be touching on BGR (boy + girl relationships).

My “inspiration” for this was, well… I don’t know, it kinda hit me when I noticed that most relationships now-a-days consists of 3 things


  1. hours and hours of nua-ing (slacking / not doing jack shit) or doing redundant stuff
  2. quarrels over who your significant other can or can’t talk to or be friends with, cus apparently you’ve already married her/him or somethin’ right. pfft…
  3.  realizing that that’s all you ever really do together… 

what does this mean? Well, simply put, it means that the both of you have no intentions to pursue any actual achievements together. And I ain’t talkin’ bout’ that “relationship goals” bullshit. I mean real goals in life.

and it’s so rare to actually find couples who truly support each other in their endeavors and dreams

A Relationship happens when 2 people who share a common attraction for each other decide to “commit“. Whatever commitment that may be, varies amongst different people. And with different people, this commitment comes with various “regulations“. But in this ever-so-competent society of youths in Singapore, the regulation mainly falls along the lines of :

  • ” why are you still talking to other girls/guys”
  • ” I heard that you went out with that girl/guy (girl/guy being a classmate/colleague/childhood friend), wtf?!?! You cannot go eat on your own?!?!”
  • “got time do this do that but no time to reply or see me right, kay fine

And this fires back and fourth. The relationship becomes a warzone, usually between a guy who’s simple-minded and a girl who thinks too much, but that’s not to say that the opposite doesn’t happen, it does. And this progresses into either or both parties pulling the emotional card, the emotional attacks and blackmail, the guilt trips, practically playing the underhand game. It becomes abusive and toxic, causing a nuisance for those around you in your personal life. This is what happens when both or one of you are just too immature, not ready for a relationship with actual proper commitments.


save yourself

If you know that you’re the victim (everyone tells you that she/he isn’t worth it, including HER/HIS friends and family) then THAT, my friend, is your cue to…


I won’t say much, about the ifs of you being the aggressor. Usually, the abusive one tends to deny that he/she is the immature and abusive one. Insisting that he/she is mature *pui* and is the victim. So, CHECK YOURSELF.

doesn’t matter who abuses who through whatever means, albeit physical, mental or emotional, abuse is abuse and abuse is downright wrong

Mai Kanchiong (don’t worry/be anxious), take your time to learn and mature.

Live to Learn, Learn to Live”

The purpose of having a BGR is not really a defined state, but one thing’s for sure, no healthy and purposeful relationship is founded on doing absolutely nothing or nothing beneficial together. And without a doubt, no human being who claims to “love” you will allow his/her own insecurities and jealousy to stop you from achieving what you want (that’s good) in life. But will, instead, propel you forward as much as he/she can.

There’s definitely more to cover on BGR, but as of now, this’ll have to do. I hope this helps you in your future endeavors and till next post, Aufwiedersehen!



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