Ha Ha… Ha?

entry 3 ~

Ladies and gents, drop your sensitivity level to zero and bump up your asshole-ness to…



‘Cus today, we’re going balls deep into brain tumor’s more forgiving adopted sister, Black Humor. Otherwise known as “Dark Humor”.

info may not be accurate as research was done on a whim, do let me know if you have better info

Comedy is basically a play on words or act that is humorous due to it’s outright ridiculous nature. Some being an excellently stringed line of situations leading to a punchline, some being continuous jabs at pure and utter wit, and many more.

in a nutshell, that shit makes us laugh. 

but is that all to what comedy is? 

And the answer is no, sadly. Because things like feminists, social justice warriors, and often overly sensitive geniuses, who barely have a clue as to what’s coming out of their mouths, exist. More on that later/some other time. Here’s a video you may enjoy. I know I did.


The very presence of dark humor has been around for the longest time ever, and that’s not all that’s long… (existence of human’s ability to screw up over and over, getting better at it with each time). The thought of turning pain, suffering and anger, into something entirely satire and funny has been around since the Ancient Greeks and Aristophanes. The first recording of such humor being in 1935.

Why do we do that? Are we that sadistic and bo liao (nothing better to do)? And the answer to that is also no! Dark humor is used to make light of problems and topics that are considered serious and even taboo (not all dark humor is for this purpose). Dark humor; a tool used to take the pitiful and hurtful circumstances that we’re in and put it under a different scope to view it’s absurdity .

the ability to take pain, cruelty, disgust, at it’s very core, no matter how incomprehensible, and turn it into a source of laughter. That, I find very interesting.

  • how many babies does it take to paint a wall? depends on how hard you throw

Want some examples of renowned people and movies that include the abundant use of dark humor in their product, but are for some arbitrary reason accepted by feminists, social justice warriors, and overly sensitive geniuses?  Have some:


In Singapore, such humor is barely, and when I say barely I really mean never, appreciated. Being conservative is one thing, being socially dead and inept at humor is another. I’m not saying that you’re a shallow and dense piece of shit if you can’t accept or appreciate Dark humor. Everyone is brought up in different environments that opt for a different kind of humor, perhaps. But, what I am saying is that you are probably shallow and dense piece of shit if you get offended at Dark humor, even if it doesn’t have jack shit to do with you. 


Jokes will be made whether you like it or not, and no one gives two flying f**ks if you do or don’t, suck it up (heh…)

download (1)

I’ll dwell more on the topic of Humor and Dark humor in the coming future, but at this moment I have only so much to throw into this. I hope this assists you in your future endeavors, and with that, I bid you adieu!



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