20 In A Pack

entry 5 ~

I had a rougher time contemplating what I’d wanted to write for my next article, but here it is. It’s a current news that’s been published not too long ago from today (15th March ’17) and it’s pretty smokin’ hot news. The legal age for purchasing and being in possession of cigarettes is to be raised, from the age of 18 to 21.



I’ll just start by stating a few legal “restrictions” under the Singapore law and then I’ll let you work with the logic on your own.

  • legal age for purchase and consumption of alcohol : 18
  • legal age for entering a nightclub : 18
  • legal age for entering contract : 21
  • legal age for marriage (men) : 18
  • legal age for marriage (girls) : 14
  • legal age in which a male can be expected to serve in the army and trained to shoot to kill16.5
  • legal age for consensual sex : 14 (ifkr?!?!) 

But for some arbitrary god-damned reason, the legal age in which you are allowed to smoke, is now going to be raised to 21.

I really shouldn’t have to explain any further about how the above stated legalities should be a question mark, in correlation to the new law that’s about to be passed, so I won’t. Instead, let’s look at their “explanations” for the decision made.

Yeah there really isn’t any, except for the whole “it’s HPB’s initiative to encourage a healthier lifestyle” thing. I frankly do not doubt that. However, it’s just a redundant move, it’s genuinely a “are you for real…” disappointing moment. like, seriously man…



Sure, there are a bunch of secular reasons with evidence as to why smoking is bad, but it’s bad regardless of age. So age clearly doesn’t make a big difference to the problem. If the HPB really is concerned for all our health and wellness, a law on healthy living should be passed. That would make twice more sense, although two times zero is still zero. With all the little sub categories under it, like food, exercise, etc. And if you’re caught being unhealthy then you’d be punished, with a fine or something. That’d be amusing and slightly chaotic… But amusing nonetheless.

So no more Mac Donald’s, KFC, and all that “good” stuff, since it’s not good for your health either.

Adding on to that…

People are still gonna find ways to get cigarettes, be it through lenient convenient stores or illegal imports, it’s still gonna happen. Just ask any teen who’s smoked before or is currently smoking… Passing this law just makes it look like “something is being done” when really, all that’s happened is they’d swept the ashes under the carpet, together with the ash tray.

I just don’t see a logical point in it… Cus’ I honestly do not expect it to make a difference. There are more efficient ways of achieving the primary goal, than to pull a completely random move out.

HPB used increase-age-limit





All I can say is that the announcement of passing the new law on smoking, probably gained itself a ton of facepalms. I shall await updates on this lit topic (heh, geddit… cus cigarettes are… lit up… fml), but for now, I hope this helps you in your future endeavors and I’ll see you in the next post. Adios!



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