Fat Chance

entry 6 ~

So, after a long absence, I am now back on the board with a topic more volatile than the c*nts at a feminist rally. Let’s begin.

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Disclaimer : this post is not by any means directed to those who are in any way shape or form affected by medical conditions with regards to the given subject matter. So if you are the way you are because of an illness of any sort and cannot, under any circumstances, improve your current state, then fret not, the words below aren’t fired at you.


With my pen on the pad, I’m pretty much lock and loaded to go, but for simplicity’s sake, I’ll dumb it down. This time, we’re talking about being fat. That wobbly, squishy, jello-like substance clinging on to you like sloths on a branch? yeah. That’s called fat.


It barely takes 10 brain cells to know that being fat (do note then when I mention fat, i mean overweight and/or obese) is generally seen as unattractive, that’s just being realistic. Ain’t talkin’ bout’ personality or character or anything of that nature. Just pure examination on aesthetics. Your weight and size is the only outlook factor that no amount of make-up and hair products can fix. So before you go on devouring your 6th 5-course meal for the day, do think twice.

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There’s (for now) 3 general reasons as to why being fat is commonly frowned upon, I’ll list and explain ’em.


  • Laziness

Yes, the tag “lazy” is never not found beside the word fat. I mean, c’mon…

“get up, you fat  ____ b*st*rd”

Yeah, fill in the blanks. Exactly. You can argue that it’s just a bad stigma, or face the fact that more often than not, fat people are just plain lazy. They wouldn’t even get up and walk 10 odd steps to get ketchup for their Big Mac meal… With diet coke as the drink, ‘cus well, “it’s healthier”… sure… sure it is…

Being with someone who wouldn’t make the effort to go the extra mile for you, doesn’t sound like a good idea.

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  • Image

If they really did care about the image projected of themselves to others, they wouldn’t be in the bad shape that they are in. That’s just logic.

You can’t claim to be one thing but portray the opposite, that’s called being a hypocrite. You’d only serve to make a fool of yourself. It’s more humorous when that same person is utterly oblivious to reality and actually thinks he/she’s the shit. I’ve met people like those and they just blow my mind on how pretentious they can be. It’s absolutely stumping.

I’m fairly certain that no human with even a minimal level of self-conscience would want to be seen walking aside someone lacking the slightest drop of decency.


“NO I’M NOT FAT, I’M JUST BIG-BONED” … *wears clothing with more X’s than Taylor Swift* 

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  • Health

Don’t… Even… TRY … To go against this… If you say that there is a way to be fat and healthy at the same time then, YOU, my friend, should have already cured cancer by now. Putting the inconveniences of being fat aside, it’s just not beneficial to one’s own health. sure it’d suck to have to buy 2 tickets for just about every damn time your next activity had a seat in it. But it would suck more if you had to live the last quarter of your life bound to a motorized wheelchair that you probably can’t even fit in too. Not to mention breathing like a fish out of water, taking inhumane gulps of air between sentences. Jeez, even i get exhausted just from watching a fat person getting exhausted after speaking for 30 seconds…

No one wants to be with a guy/girl who can’t take care of his/her own well-being. It’s an open display of irresponsibility and lack of f*cks given. A clear red light. 


It’s pretty simple…

Being fat probably has no actual valid perks and has much more flak, if anything. So if anyone wants to be fat, they SHOULD be ready to take the beating they’re gonna get from others, and the inconveniences that come with it. Cause and effect. 


But if you’re fat and you’re wallowing in the corner of your own room, cus you’re so fat that you could span the four corners of it and of the world (bad joke). Then maybe it’s about damn time you do something about it. NO ONE MADE YOU EAT THAT MUCH AND NO ONE FORCED YOU TO STAY FAT. 

So, don’t get offended when someone makes a fat joke, they made themselves vulnerable, an easy prey. Especially if they know that they most definitely can NOT fit in that outfit of theirs but decided to squeeze in anyway. People can say whatever the hell they want, but it’s all on them as to whether you want to get offended by it or not. I’d suggest they pick the latter and work on giving others nothing to pounce on.

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If they’ve found someone who still accepts them and etc, be it as friends or more, good on them. I don’t really give a shit.


They’re just big-boned, you’ll be fine, everyone else just can’t handle how awesome you are, don’t succumb to society’s standard of beauty, they’re just judgmental. fat and should do something about it. Don’t take in rhetoric and circular statements that ignorant people give out, stick to reality.



All in all, just remember that in every decision we make, there will be consequences. Own them. Live life to the fullest by making wise decisions, most importantly, do what makes you happy if it will not cost you to regret in the coming future. I hope this helps you in your future endeavors, and till next post, cheerio!



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